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Nexus Financial Advisers (NFA) deliver a holistic solution in respect to wealth accumulation, that takes into account your unique circumstances and preferences encompassing wealth planning and wealth management.

Investment Opportunities You Can’t
Typically Get on Your Own
Risk Management

A dedicated team monitors and seeks to manage risks through all markets to keep you on track towards your goal


We offer exclusive investments not generally available to individual investors

Research and Technology

Our proprietary research and technology lets us uncover new investment opportunities

Why Nexus?
Independent Advice
Nexus Financial Advisers offers independent, fee-based investment advice ensuring zero conflict of interest.
Non Transactional
NFA does not earn any income from transactions in the account. We prefer a long term buy and hold approach and always look to minimize transaction costs.
We use clean and transparent pricing with all admin and custody fees charged at a predetermined percentage of client assets. There are no surprises when it comes to fees.
The client is not required to keep a minimum amount invested and is free to transfer assets out when or if required.
Client money is kept offshore in a trust in the client’s name in the tax-free and highly regulated jurisdiction of Isle of Man, completely ring-fenced and protected by strong Isle of Man regulations.
About Us
Sustainable Investment Solutions
Nexus Financial Advisers LLC (NFA), is a part of the Nexus Group and licensed by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) in the UAE. Nexus Group is the largest Independent Financial Advisor in the GCC today with over $1.1 billion assets under administration.

NFA is an investment advisory firm regulated in the UAE by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). We offer a composite suite of products to both corporate and individual clients from a range of international and domestic product providers. As a regulated company run by qualified and experienced professionals , not tied to any particular product provider, we can offer you completely unbiased investment advice.

Our Team

Our investment capabilities are driven by our experienced and qualified investment team.

We have a combined investment experience of over 80 years, with a team that benefits from global investment experience at private banks and asset managers such as JP Morgan, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, HSBC Group and Lazard Asset Management.

Our team also consists of legal and compliance professionals who monitor the suitability and quality of proposed investment solutions, ensuring that our clients are protected at all times.

Calculate your Future

Solutions & Process
Transparent Solutions
  • Online open architecture
  • No minimum investment
  • Capital guaranteed
  • Income solutions
  • Multiple portfolios
  • Individualized diversified solutions
  • Offshore and tax efficient
  • Efficient estate planning
The NFA Process

Consultation on existing assets and investment programs

Implement Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation to provide a foundation for managing long-term risk and portfolio returns

Evaluate your unique risk tolerance, return expectations, time horizon, income and liquidity needs, tax situation, and overall financial objectives

Create a winning investment strategy

Products & Services

Nexus Financial Advisers LLC (part of Nexus Group) offers independent, fee-based holistic investment advice, ensuring zero conflict of interest. Being a non-transactional advisor, it does not earn any income from transactions in the clients account.

Driven by quality, care and competency, our investment team is overseen by legal and compliance professionals who monitor the suitability and quality of proposed investment solutions, ensuring that our clients are protected at all times.

Your Goals Are Our Priority

Saving for Retirement
We’ll suggest a mix of investments
to help you reach your goals.

Living in Retirement
Once you retire, our team will work
with you to help make sure you will
continue to have an income throughout
your retirement.

Growth & Protection
We will design an investment strategy based on your full and unique financial situation and manage it to help you seek opportunities and manage risk,based on your personal preferences and goals for you and your family.

Saving for a Major Purchase
We will design and propose an
investment strategy that considers a specific savings goal, such as college tuition.


For clients who prefer to make the final decision on each investment in their portfolio, but appreciate benefits of advice from an expert, we offer a range of investment advisory solutions.

We help to assess your complete financial plan and recommend suitable investments that match your risk profile and financial goals. We then provide ongoing advice to help you rebalance your portfolios in order to keep your investments in line with changing market conditions.

Our high-quality research is independent and is sourced from the specialists in each asset-class.

Assets Available Through Us

SCA regulated funds, both institutional and retail

Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds on all major exchanges


Structured products including income paying and capital guaranteed products


Direct bonds which pay out coupons semi annually


Clients can also
transfer-in assets held with other platforms, banks and trusts at no cost

An Affordable Fee for Professional Money Management
  • No trade commissions
  • No separate bill
  • Withdraw funds any time

Your annual advisory fee covers the ongoing management of your money – including investment selection and rebalancing. It also includes our personal service and support so your always know what’s happening with your investments.

We offer a range of service that can help meet your needs depending on your goals and how much you’d like to invest.

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